What is KAOS?

It starts out slow ............ well slow may not be the way to put it since you can often play out of turn. Scratch that, it starts out fast, and it’s always fast, but it does start out with only a few randomly selected rules making it easier to follow as you try to quickly get rid of your cards. However it gets crazier as you continue. Each round another of 36 randomly selected rules is added. See what it is ........ maybe players now have to draw a card each time they say the word “you” (not as easy to avoid as ‘you’ may think) ....... yea, I would have had to draw a card there. Or maybe the new rule allows players to play all of their sevens at once. A rule too crazy for you or just working out better for other players than it is for you? Good news, you can remove a rule too. The catch ……. you’ll have to win a round first.

So basically, get rid of your hand as fast as you can, play out of turn as often as you’re able to, follow all current rules, finish a round, add or remove a new rule, pause for a second to keep your sanity, deal another hand to everyone and repeat. And THAT my friends ................is KAOS.

New Rule

Share a rule you've made up for the game. Also check out some other rules other people have made and rate the ones you like best.

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